Update. This is an apology to anyone who happens to watch and or like this wiki, due to my inactivity. I am automatically going to state that I will not be active on here as often anymore, if at all. I may come on here if bored and possibly make a page or two, but I will not be affiliated with any other wiki at this point, and if I am possibly active by any chance, there is a very small chance I will get to respond to any questions, concerns, comments, you may have, apology for the inconvenience. I would also like to state that if anyone is interested in being an admin to keep this wiki active, feel free to contact me on my message wall. Keep in mind, I will not accept people who will vandalize the wiki in any way, nor will I accept people who are irresponsible and are inactive themselves. Again, major apologies for my inactivity, and hopefully, I can be more active in the near future. If anyone is even reading this, feel free to comment below on possible ways to keep this wiki on it's feet. :) ~Sincerely Maskedman0000

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