Okay, I've given up. I have chosen to not work on this wiki any longer because I hardly even go on here anymore. I will no longer bother to edit pages or even bother to make more, however, I will leave the pages protected just in case if a vandal strikes, even though if the page has spelling errors. Before I have people beating down my door and yelling at me for my grammar, I am automatically going to state that this wiki was created when I was at a younger age, and with that in mind, I wasn't the greatest writer neither did I have the greatest grammar. I am not bothering with this site anymore since it is pretty much useless at this point since there is hardly anybody that comes on here anyway, heck, I highly doubt anybody would be reading this right now. There is honestly no point of continuing something that nobody knows about. Anybody who even remotely likes this wiki (even though I don't see how you could) and anybody who is just simply fascinated with paranormal, please, don't waste your time here anymore, nothing will change, nothing will move, everything will stay as it is, (unless if a WC happens to edit an unprotected page of course). However, that I not my point. I am simply here to say goodbye, even though most of you may not even care, I will simply say it anyways because there is at least one possible person in the world that even remotely cares about this wiki and where it's future is headed, however, I am not here to talk any longer or ramble, just saying my final goodbyes and such, and from this statement forward, anything that happens to this wiki will not be my problem anymore. - Sincerely, Maskedman0000.