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 The Mothman is a paranormal creature rumored to be seen and be the cause of many disasters in the world. From West Virginia to New York, Mothman sightings have been all over the place. Just maybe, the next sighting, might be at your front door.

Origin Edit

The Mothman was first sighted on November 16th, 1966 and soon the caught the attection of a local newscast, and quickly documented the story, leaving hundreds of people shocked at the story before them. Just one document of this creature alone, left many breathless, and soon after, the story became larger and larger, as others even started to come forward with their own claims, of spotting this creature in several parts of the wooded area around West Virgina and spread to Point Pleasant.


The discriptions of this creature, are nearly all similar, since each discription discribes a moth-like creature, which almost has the appearance of a man, except with moth features, with massive wings, which was estimated that the wing span of the creature is atleast up to seven-eight feet tall, and the creature itself is atleast eight feet, height wise. It is said, that the creature has large red bug-eye eyes, which is sometimes discribed to be sunken deep into it's head, and it's actual head, is also said, to be actually attached to it's torso.

A few discriptions describe the creature actually having the appearnce of a moth, with small little fangs sunk deep into it's furry skin, while others claim that the creaure in-fact doesn't have a mouth, but instead is just a creature, that could live on force and enegry.

A shocking event...Edit

Shortly after the event-filled months of the mothman sightings, on the date of Decemeber, 15, 1967, the Silver bridge took an unexpected fall, shortly after a flying creature was reported climbing along the edges of the building, and soon afterwords, dissapeared as the bridge slowly colapsed into the river, killing hundreds of innocent lives. The cause of the falling bridge, is still under confusion, but shortly after that sighting of the strange creature around the bridge, we can only give very few answers that could possbily lead to the event occuring.


Much like any other cryptid, each creature has their own type of theory, and much like any other theory with a cryptid, the first cryptid that comes to mind, is the creature having an alien origin. Unlike most cryptids, this theory actually fits perfectly in place, and actually can be possible that the mothman itself, could've came from beyond this world, and from the wonders of outer space.

Of course, even though the theory is over-used, but the chance..of it there, However, some scienetists just beileve it is an experiment gone wrong, causing complete madness to happen, thinking it is just an escaped experiment, done by the goverment with an experiment with both moths and humans.

Pop cultureEdit

For the time being, Mothman has been everywhere, from T-shirts, to movies, to toys, this creature has gone popular amongst  many, is possibly one of the strangest creatures to have ever been discovered, leaving many possibilities open, making this creature under a debate, of whatever or not it flies among us.

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